Road Trip '09: Day Two 

Day Two was filled lots of driving and waiting. We left our hotel in Baltimore pretty early. It's a short drive from Baltimore to Philly. So we got to the stadium about 6 hours too early. We decided to drive around South Philly for a while. We only had time to kill, so we drove around and looked for the famous steak houses. We saw them and continued to drive. Parking in Philly is brutal. There were cars literally parked in the middle of the street like it was no big deal. I had no idea you could park in a turn lane.

Anywho, we stopped by a local pub and grabbed a quick bite. Then we decided to head back to the stadium. We still had about an hour and a half to kill before we could even be let into the park. So we just kicked in the car for a while. Finally we went into the team store to look around. And I had one of the best conversations ever.

Me: Do you have any Pete Rose jerseys?

Lady at Store: Oh yes, he was...

Me: Where are they?

Lady at Store: Oh no, we don't have any of those.

Me: *walks away in utter disbelief of conversation*

If that didn't make you laugh I guess you needed to be there, because we all thought it was funny. I again tried to get a Pete Rose jersey at another store that was making custom jerseys. Again I asked if they could make a Pete Rose jersey. I was told they couldn't do it and I had to check "online". Needless to say I am disapointed I couldn't get a Pete Rose Phillies jersey, which would have been pretty cool.

As far as the game goes...well it rained, a lot. Jamie Moyer did not look good at all. Scott Richmond for Toronto had a career game. He had something like 11 strikeouts. Toronto pretty controlled the whole game. It did get interesting in the 9th as Philly loaded up the bases. But eventually Toronto prevailed.

Afer the game we loaded back up into the car and drove to New Jersey. We finally got in about midnight and just crashed. Now we are still at the hotel waiting to leave for the Nationals/Yankees game.

I'll try to get back on here later tonight for a final update of Road Trip '09. Thanks for reading.

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Road Trip '09: Day One 

So we made it to Baltimore in one piece. Traffic was light and I got to sleep most of the way down. We mostly listened to ESPN radio on the way down. And it mostly talked about how Artie Lang ruined Joe Buck's show on HBO. We are sitting here in the hotel listening to it. And it is exactly as how everyone described it, a complete train wreck.

We couldn't have asked for a better game considering we didn't care about either one of the teams playing. The Mets pretty much had the game in control. In the 9th the O's made things interesting and loaded up the bases. But K-Rod did what K-Rod does and eventually took care of business.

An intersting side note. We drove all the way down here from Albany only to sit next to someone who was originally from Lake George. About 45 minutes north of Albany. Once again, only in Smallbany would something like this happen.

Well I'm going to go relax now. Follow us on Twitter either by logging in on Twitter or coming back to fatEMOkid and seeing the Twitter widget on the right.


ps you might have seen us on TV since we had seats right behind the visitors dugout
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Well NBC finally made the official announcement that Chuck will be back for a third season. Rumors have been flying around for days saying that it was coming back but with some strings attached, like losing a cast member or two. But it looks like the $5 foot long saved Chuck. According to Rick Porter over at there will be a " 'innovative advertising partnership' with Subway." Zap2it

So Chuck is coming back and it totally brightened up my Tuesday!!!! It's such good news.

Also, coming in on a good note, Dollhouse will be coming back next year. Hurray for Eliza!!

On a bad note, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will not be coming back :-( We will miss you Summer Glau.

On another upswing of good news it looks like Blink 182 will be coming to SPAC in August so I have that to look forward too. And Joe and I are talking about going to a couple of other cities to catch them, so maybe there will be two road trip in the summer of 09!!

Well enough rambling from me. And if this doesn't make any sense its only because I'm overwhelmed with good news and cannot concentrate and lets face it, this is just a blog for nonsense anyway.

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As you know from either knowing me or reading the blogs on here I'm a fan of NBC's Chuck. Last night was the Season 2 finale. And what a great finale it was. However there has been a lot of talk that the show will not be back for a third season. So I am here, much like a lot of us on the interweb, I'm here to voice my opinion and help save Chuck and bring it back for a third season. BOOM! AMERICA!!

First off all, the show is amazing. It has everything you could ever ask for in a show, action, romance, comedy, pop culture references, hot chicks (aka Sarah Lancaster & Yvonne Strahovski). It's had a great run of guest stars, not that it needed them, Rachel Bilson, John Laroquette, Jordana Brewster, and Tony Hale to name a few. I personally would like to think (especially in season 2) that the guest stars that were in the show wanted to be in the show and that they were fans. I mean really would Chevy Chase or Scott Bakula do the show if they weren't fans? Well maybe Bakula would, but I don't think Chase would.

And how about the supporting cast, aka the Buy More employees. Maybe I just have a soft spot for shows that incorporate people working retail since I did it for so long. But the lines and actions these guys have...just kills me. And none of it is forced, its all flows with the show.

And then there is the music. The show has great songs in all of their episodes. The theme song is Cake. There is always some great songs by some indie artists. In the finale alone it had Gramercy Arms and The Thermals.

So if you are into the show at all, maybe you could help keep it around. There are petitions and websites and movements all over the interweb. I'll link some towards the bottom and hopefully you can sign up.

Also did I mention keeping the show around will keep Sarah Lancaster around? She's had my <3 since SBTB the New Class

Here are some links:


If you want to sign a petition, click above

If you are on facebook or twitter click Here

Thanks for reading this and if you want leave some comments!!!

Until next time,

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So not much to report...just had some things in my head I wanted to write down. As you can see wee are now on Twitter. And at this moment we have FIVE whole followers. Pretty much goes with the theme of the website. I kid I kid.

Just found out last week that Blink 182 is getting back together. I guess they decided back in February to get back together and tour. I guess I wasn't paying attention since it took me so long to find out. But I am really amped that they are. (Yes I know I said "amped") I have never been to any of their concerts and thought I would never be able to once they went on hiatus. I did catch Angels and Airwaves once and it was a great show at Northern Lights. But I am going to do everything I can to catch them this summer. I'll travel half way around the world to see them.

The other day I was driving around and I changed the cd in my truck. I just randomly grabbed one that I hadn't heard in a while and wasn't sure what was on it. But it was a great cd. It had some Something Corporate and Cheating Soccer Mom on it. It was great to listen to with the windows rolled down. I then followed that up with another random cd that had some Blink and Count the Stars on it. It brought me back about 8 years ago. And yes I understand that I'm still listening to cd's in my truck and not an mp3 player. But I refuse to buy and iPod and I can't hook up my Zune to the radio that is in my truck. So I live in the past with my cds.

Nothing much really going the words of Joe Dirt or is it Dirte I just keep on keeping on...


ps I threw up the Mark Hoppus link under "related links" you should check it out.

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