A short story... 

Once upon a time, two cowboys worked at the county general store,known to locals as the av club. they hated life except for Fridays because Friday was like a different world. It was casual and most people didn’t show up. So most Fridays would involve a lot of standing around (they would call it “kicking it”), streaming radio, watching tv, etc ,etc. Sometimes the cowboys would not even show up, maybe they had to take a trip to Northampton, or Cincinnati. But most importantly, on Fridays, the cowboys (one was white and one was black) would go to the local saloon to get many bacon, egg, and cheeses. This would make the cowboys fat and happy, and kill some time before the friendly neighborhood Indian would take them out for the lunch special. From there it was smooth sailing until 5:00 (lets be honest, 4:35) and then on into the evening when they would often meet up with their friend Robert Goulet, who would help them make memories that no one could forget, except for them.

- The end

contributed by Joe via email

please send us your short stories if they are as awesome as this one

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