Road Trip '09: Day One 

So we made it to Baltimore in one piece. Traffic was light and I got to sleep most of the way down. We mostly listened to ESPN radio on the way down. And it mostly talked about how Artie Lang ruined Joe Buck's show on HBO. We are sitting here in the hotel listening to it. And it is exactly as how everyone described it, a complete train wreck.

We couldn't have asked for a better game considering we didn't care about either one of the teams playing. The Mets pretty much had the game in control. In the 9th the O's made things interesting and loaded up the bases. But K-Rod did what K-Rod does and eventually took care of business.

An intersting side note. We drove all the way down here from Albany only to sit next to someone who was originally from Lake George. About 45 minutes north of Albany. Once again, only in Smallbany would something like this happen.

Well I'm going to go relax now. Follow us on Twitter either by logging in on Twitter or coming back to fatEMOkid and seeing the Twitter widget on the right.


ps you might have seen us on TV since we had seats right behind the visitors dugout
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