Well NBC finally made the official announcement that Chuck will be back for a third season. Rumors have been flying around for days saying that it was coming back but with some strings attached, like losing a cast member or two. But it looks like the $5 foot long saved Chuck. According to Rick Porter over at there will be a " 'innovative advertising partnership' with Subway." Zap2it

So Chuck is coming back and it totally brightened up my Tuesday!!!! It's such good news.

Also, coming in on a good note, Dollhouse will be coming back next year. Hurray for Eliza!!

On a bad note, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will not be coming back :-( We will miss you Summer Glau.

On another upswing of good news it looks like Blink 182 will be coming to SPAC in August so I have that to look forward too. And Joe and I are talking about going to a couple of other cities to catch them, so maybe there will be two road trip in the summer of 09!!

Well enough rambling from me. And if this doesn't make any sense its only because I'm overwhelmed with good news and cannot concentrate and lets face it, this is just a blog for nonsense anyway.

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