So not much to report...just had some things in my head I wanted to write down. As you can see wee are now on Twitter. And at this moment we have FIVE whole followers. Pretty much goes with the theme of the website. I kid I kid.

Just found out last week that Blink 182 is getting back together. I guess they decided back in February to get back together and tour. I guess I wasn't paying attention since it took me so long to find out. But I am really amped that they are. (Yes I know I said "amped") I have never been to any of their concerts and thought I would never be able to once they went on hiatus. I did catch Angels and Airwaves once and it was a great show at Northern Lights. But I am going to do everything I can to catch them this summer. I'll travel half way around the world to see them.

The other day I was driving around and I changed the cd in my truck. I just randomly grabbed one that I hadn't heard in a while and wasn't sure what was on it. But it was a great cd. It had some Something Corporate and Cheating Soccer Mom on it. It was great to listen to with the windows rolled down. I then followed that up with another random cd that had some Blink and Count the Stars on it. It brought me back about 8 years ago. And yes I understand that I'm still listening to cd's in my truck and not an mp3 player. But I refuse to buy and iPod and I can't hook up my Zune to the radio that is in my truck. So I live in the past with my cds.

Nothing much really going on...in the words of Joe Dirt or is it Dirte I just keep on keeping on...


ps I threw up the Mark Hoppus link under "related links" you should check it out.

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