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Astellaway is the conception of 3 former members of Tulsa, Oklahoma band Tigereye Lily. Kacy, Luke and Josh have compiled an album full of radio friendly songs from the simplicity of the song "Come On" to their most ambitious effort of the release "Car Show". You won't want to miss a single track on this album.

Astellaway bridges the gaps between alternative, emo, screamo, pop and punk to reach fans from every genre. The album starts off very strong as Kacy Chronister belts out "I can't hear myself" in "Never Promised You This." Their self-titled album continues to grab your attention from the 80's style solo in "It's Alright" to the acoustic track "Take Our Time," you will continue to be impressed by the songwriting skills of astellaway.


Here's Luke talking about the idea of Astellaway:
"Well we were just all pulling in different ways in Tigereye Lily, so we decided that it wasn't going to work out in the long run. We wanted to start all over, record some new songs and see how they turned out, since we were recording ourselves we were able to write all of the new songs while we were recording them. We were really happy with the way they turned out and that's when we decided to start Astellaway. Our goal was to concentrate on the cd and finish it before we tour or anything, and now were ready to take our music as far as we possibly can, so look out for us this summer."

Astellaway has just released their self-titled album. It is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster.

Astellaway music:
Beside Your Heart
Name on a Wall

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